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The first thing we do is offer you transparency, meaning we take the time to answer your questions in a professional and comprehensive manner.

Secondly, we assist in the administrative setup which includes the account opening & funding, due diligence and regulatory compliance.

Once all the paper work is out of the way, our proprietary algorithm automatically launches every trading day shortly before market open and shuts down shortly after market close.

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly performance statements are provided.

We provide friendly customer service by telephone Monday through Friday from 08:30 to 18:00. If you prefer you can equally contact us by email.


Competitive Advantage

7,000 hours and nearly 4 years, but who’s counting ! Albert Maté has used his 20 years of software development experience and his 16 years as a day trader to tenaciously program and debug his algorithm. Backtested results have been screened by an reputable asset management firm and major risk/return statistical ratios are in line with other successful quantitative strategies. View Metrics

The algorithm closes all positions before the market close (flat). This eliminates overnight exposure and insulates us from any news that can affect the next day’s opening price of the stock. For example, AAPL closes @ $100 and you are long a 1000 shares. AAPL announces bad quarterly results @ 16:30 and opens @ $80 the next day. You just woke up with your portfolio down 20%. With AlbiTrading your portfolio would be 100% of it’s previous day’s closing value.

The algorithm eliminates all emotions by removing the human factor from the trading equation. It executes trades solely based on sound quantitative analysis. Those who have traded before know all to well the pitfalls of fear, greed, and hope. These emotions push us to the limits which often lead to mistakes (sell low or buy high) and eventually result in losses. It is therefore no surprise that 95% of active traders loose money and eventually give up because they cannot handle the stress.

The algorithm is price driven (updated 4 times per second) and ignores any media outlet. This means we can go about our day stress-free without having to be glued to our televisions (CNBC) or smart phones (Twitter).

We won’t care if the market is up or down on any specific day because can be long or short at any time. Everyday is a fresh start therefore if the market gaps up or down the algorithm will simply pick up the day’s trend and ride it to the market close.

Interactive Brokers (www.interactiveborkers.com) allows us to leverage our AUM approximately 3x (margin account). We use this leverage to maximize our growth potential. What’s even better is that there is no margin interest. Margin interest is calculated at the end of the trading day based on any outstanding balance. But since we are 100% cash before the market close our outstanding margin is zero. It’s like an interest-free loan as long as you clear the margin before the end of the day. In addition we even collect interest for our cash balances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment required to open an account ?

To open a trading account regulatory agencies require a minimum is $25,000 USD. However we suggest $50,000 as an initial investment to give us a cushion in case of a drawdown period.

Who is the broker that executes the trades ?

All trades are executed on the Interactive Broker’s platform (www.interactivebrokers.com).

Where is the algorithm hosted (servers) ?

The algorithm is hosted by Netelligent (www.netelligent.ca) located at the «Tour de la Bourse» in Montreal.

What language is used to code the algorithm ?

The algorithm is a full stack project using Oracle’s Java programming language.