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What is algorithmic trading ?

In simplest terms it is trading without human intervention. It is like having your own personal chauffeur that gets you safely (profitably) from point A (stock market open) to point B (stock market close).

What problem does AlbiTrading solve ?

AlbiTrading helps the 85% of portfolio managers who are unable to beat the S&P 500 historical average annual return of 11%.

Why is AlbiTrading the solution ?

AlbiTrading is the solution because we offer a complimentary trading tool that can be used by portfolio managers along side their existing strategies to help them consistently beat the S&P 500 bench mark.

Who are AlbiTrading's clients ?

Wealth managers looking for alternative trading strategies (quantitative) that will help them beat the S&P 500 bench mark. we also serve accredited investors and/or high net worth (HNW) individuals with a minimum level of financial knowledge.

What is the minimum investment required to open an account ?

To open a trading account regulatory agencies require a minimum is $25,000 USD. However we suggest $50,000 as an initial investment to give us a cushion in case of a drawdown period.

Who is the broker that executes the trades ?

All trades are executed on the Interactive Broker’s platform (www.interactivebrokers.com).

Where is the algorithm hosted (servers) ?

The algorithm is hosted by Netelligent (www.netelligent.ca) located at the «Tour de la Bourse» in Montreal.

What language is used to code the algorithm ?

The algorithm is a full stack project using Oracle’s Java programming language.