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About Us

Founder, Albert Maté is a certified software developer with over 20 years experience. As a stock enthusiast (day trader) he has equally gone to war for 16 years against the market living the stressful days and occasionally the sleepless night. Tenacity and perseverance allowed Albert to survive the trenches of the stock market as he fought fear, controlled greed and at times hung on to hope.

AlbiTrading is simply the fusion of his two passions, software development and the stock market. The result is a highly profitable proprietary trading algorithm.


Our Expert Team

Our programming experts are constantly thinking, evaluating, developing and delivering the best ways (algorithms) to put your money to work. To us, the stock market is simply a giant puzzle. And like any puzzle there’s always a solution.

Albert Maté

Albert is a certified software developer. He started his career with DataFusion Inc., a software company he started over 20 years ago. In 2015 he sold his business to focus on AlbiTrading full time.

Max Bibeau, PhD

Java Programmer
Max is a scientist (physics) with 8 years of Java programming experience.